There it was—
a diving board.

Well, it looked like one.

I have lived on this 
a long while.

The views—
My ‘gaze’ held in these

So many clicks—
My lashes like a camera
One photo, then another.
The panoramic
view could not
be captured in a single 
nor in an accumulation
of images.

From the ‘edges,’
nothing stays the same.
The views, even if returning,
hold a new unspoken

Can I name it?
Its ‘timeless’ shutter
has pushed me
to leap—

Leap into
the air like a leaf
letting go from a tree.

Carried by winds,
it touches ground.

But, the risk I take
in soaring 
finds no apparent bottom.

Instead, it is like a
black hole.
I descend,
yet I am hovering.

I am in realms
too vast for words.
I try to pen a few words,
yet the ink
melts into the darkness.

A galaxy of stars
enters from nowhere.

A few words drift into the presence of light.

I can no longer 
sit upon the edge
waiting, wondering—
believing any ‘truth’
long since held.
(Not implying the past has not assisted
in the formation of my becoming)

I must speak the truth
revealing itself to me
—trust in its goodness
—share its message
ONLY if it extends oneness,
removes all facets of violence—
even if I am taken down
for casting love and love alone.

Sometimes, I want to reach back
for the ledge—
hold the perch that once held me.

Returning is not an option.

Living from this place,
I see only the angels
right beside me (and beyond).

There are so many…

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