Empty…the True Full?

Empty…the True Full?

You’ve heard the question,
“How do you see the glass—
half full or half empty?”

Accolades have gone to
the ‘viewer’ who sees
the ‘content’ half full.

What if…
the one who truly is the
‘seer’ is the one
who views the image

The empty glass
its deepest essence
no longer having
to pour out endless
ideas, filling every
moment with
mindless activities—
‘our’ ego’s need to
feel so important.

What if not a
single drop trickled

We could not keep
immersing ourselves in
pools of yesterday’s
pasts from which
we truly do not wish to
be parted.

If empty—
maybe we could NOW
ONLY be happy!
A moment of bliss
and not an
opportunity to even
sneak a quick dribble
of supposed fullness.

When we are finally
our real journey begins.

All we are meant to be
is now ready to begin…

this mind of mine
rambling on~~~
hears the song in
my heart because it
finally can echo
off the empty glass
and sing on and on.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I believe it is when we divest ourselves of the “stuff” of life that we can truly be free. And it is in this new found freedom that we really get to know ourselves…the self that is able to learn to soar.


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