EVE (Hebrew Scriptures)















Eve (Hebrew Scriptures)

Mother of all living kind
   You took your first breath
     and you already realized you were ‘one’ with
the Universe.

You cradled all in your arms
   You did not feel the tremendous weight of all
you held…no, you held as if hoping never to let go…
   It was all so good, so, so good.

Everything created brimming, flowing, beating with life~~~
   You could not help but wish to taste everything
so your being could be enriched through all
   that existed.
You ‘rushed’ to the tree whose branches reached
    for you…you took its fruit
 and you tasted it
pausing only for a moment before you took
another bite~~~

You…wanting only to birth back into life the goodness,
  kindness, gentleness that breathed you into life.
You were so filled with joy upon tasting ~~~you shared
    the fruit with your companion.
       You did not hoard or secretly withhold the juices spilling down your chin,
cascading down your naked breasts…you were so alive.

     Who ruptured your story?
Who pierced the love cascading from your heart?
     In between the written lines~~~you continued to love.
       You bore fruit
            and lasting it has been.

In the beginning everything created was ‘good
    and ‘You,’ mother of all living, never
       stopped believing in that goodness…

Your garden still grows because of your willingness to taste and to be.


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