Flower Baskets

Flower Baskets

Three potted plants
perched on a white rail.

Someone ‘placed’ them
—arranged them and cared for them.

One day…
when the three plants thought they
were alone

they began a blossoming

The blue basket of flowers
said to the green basket of flowers,

“I could gaze upon you forever.”

The reply was soft, no words
only a gentle wave of buds.

The green basket of flowers turned
to the white basket of green and said,

“Did you hear what the blue basket
of flowers said to me?”

The white basket of flowering greens
did not speak.

Again, the green basket of
flowers repeated its question.

The white basket,
clearing it voice said,

“I looked at you and saw your
beauty and I was envious
so I kept silent.
The blue basket…which truly
bore no flowers saw your
beauty and could not cease
from holding a gaze.

Deep inside the blue basket
there is a beauty

The green & white baskets of
flowers turned to the
blue basket of what was

and spoke in unison,

“We SEE you
and hope we grow
in your ways.”

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