Four Years Old

Four Years Old

Four years old—
and, she learns
the lesson of her

A perfect world
NOW muddled in mystery…
her questions
and her tiny world
has become a bit

Loving parents
try to comfort—
their own understanding
of loss unanswered.

But now it is
their little girl…
their offspring
they are trying to console…

AND what they
say or do not
say lays the
very foundation for
how this beautiful
child will
‘SEE’ the unfathomable
wonder of life
and of death.

This child’s innocence
takes us back to
our own unanswerable questions.

Sit with your own
‘inner’ child
and from those early
memories made,
‘create’ what the rational mind
has attempted to erase.

Play in what no longer
has hold of you…

If tears flow, dab your page…
let them muse
into the picture.

Never allow anyone
to remove your
MAGICAL moments of questions,
of wonder, of vision…

Live to explore—
it is never too late.















Dedicated to Sophia.

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