From THIS Altar

From THIS Altar

I awaken—a blessing, born again.

Eyes lifting
their lids—
tiny pieces of sleep dust
fall upon the pillow.

Rising—limbs moving
like branches on a tree
swayed by wind.
HELD—THIS altar…
I breathe in reverence
I breathe out gratitude.

I smell the morning dew.
I hear a chorus of song birds—
the liturgy already begun.
I taste small sips of java
brewed by a stranger
who shares it with a blessing.

I’m ‘touched’—
allowing myself
‘THIS’ tabernacle
filled with blessings
to join in
creation’s ‘creative’ dawning.

Photography by Lynn Chesser/Taken at Pumpkin Hollow, Craryville, New York


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  1. Judy Clough
    Judy Clough says:

    Love this photo of you in the labyrinth at Pumpkin Hollow. And by Lynn. How nice. Just bought a top like that in teal. But purple is great. I enjoy your
    posts. Thank you. Judy


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