Full Moon

Full Moon

Holons merrily danced a
minuet around her fullness.

She impregnated the night
with hues too elegant for
mere words.

The veins of the naked trees
reached for her—
the air frigid—
‘still’ the branches
clacked in the wind…
the rush of sap swirled
inside ‘unfrozen’
—the moment far from barren.

Within the trees, the fruit of life
collided creating a Spring
of endless blossomings..

Who can say—
the depths of the moon’s
fullness do not
feed the vast wonders of creation…

The tides reside at her dawning
and rush back in when
her fullness is at its zenith.

Milky white dew drops
splash to earth—
the nocturnal animals drink
in the formed pools.

Awake in this wonder I AM—
a soft shadow almost
wishing the dawn would
wait to rise.

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