Get On

Get On

Quick, quick
come quickly now.

Yes…it’s time.
You know…
You see…

Come…get on—
that’s it.

all together.

can you hear it?
It is silence~~~
Quiet now…
Empty all thought…
isn’t it beautiful?

Still, still, still
The echoes of silence.

Get on, get on
before you ‘rush’ to get off.

Keep balanced—
we are in this together.

There is no telling where the silence
will lead…really it does not matter.

And …perhaps it does~~~
If we simply silence ourselves
maybe we will come to know one another
without ALWAYS speaking.

Perhaps we will ‘see’
how similar we
are and balance on
this cosmic globe.

Silence…can you
‘hear’ the world

You have it…
Get on~~~
the dance has

3 replies
  1. Maddy Tremblay
    Maddy Tremblay says:

    Love your poetry that admits and allows the reader in to dwell for awhile, enjoying just being there.

    Maddy Tremblay

  2. Cathekoletsky
    Cathekoletsky says:

    Your poems bring silence, a gentle, beautiful silence, to my heart.
    Your poems cause me to pause and tell me to please return again

    Thanks Sandy
    Catherine K


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