Great Heron

Great Heron

The curtain opens.
The water’s edge
a striking reflection
like that of a Monet—
Slender legs like river reeds
dance unhurriedly.
Slowly, the stalker
seeks her prey.

her feathered tutu
adorns her body.
A gray sailing ship
removed from the
pool, she’s afloat.
Her reflection gazes
back at her.

The trout come out
from beneath the riverbed…
Swimming like Olympians, the fish
enter ‘open’ waters.
Is it safe?  The music softens.


The sun rises—
it is the moment she’s awaited.
Frozen, transformed as if a
rock wall of stone
her eyes ‘fixed’
holding the moment.
Her neck, like an elastic
cord unleashed.
Her beak a fine sword
rips through the water.
The symphony plays a high note.

Rising triumphantly
a poetic tragedy held—
then devoured.
The morsel no
longer visible
cascades down the elevator
of the heron’s
lanky neck sending
the feast to the
storage bin.

The curtain closes.
The performance far from
The dance goes on
and on
and on.
From the orchestra pit
a ‘pitch’ played—
a haunting completion.

A fish leaps from
the surface…a splash heard—
two slender reeds sway
unnoticed in its direction.


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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    Oh, Sandy, I absolutely LOVE this one! It reminds me of this past summer. We had two herons living at our lake. At one point, one of them settled right down in front of the house, not too far from the water’s edge. I found it so fascinating to watch this beautiful long-legged creature. Yes, I watched it “hunt” for its prey. At one point the dock became an obstacle. Would it settle on the dock, try to go under it, or fly away? It did take off and flew into a nearby area at the end of the cove. We’ve had them before. Do you know if they come back to the same spot every year like geese? Well this brought back good memories of this past “lake season.” And your picture is quite lovely. Well done, my friend.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Greetings Ann…LOVE your story about the Great Herons:)
      Your question is a good one…my understanding IS that they return to their nesting
      surroundings…they do find NEW mates but I hope you’ll see them by the lake next year!
      One comes back to our pond…if it is the same one(anyone’s guess)
      and the one I captured in the photo is in the park near my home. Blessings


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