HAGAR…A Lost Story (Hebrew Scriptures)















HAGAR…A Lost Story (Hebrew Scriptures)

Your eyes beheld the God you
named, Yahweh…’God of Seeing.’
By a spring of water
a whispering breath spoke to you…
Your tears were seen…heard.

You simply followed what you were asked to
You lay with a man unknown to you.
You obeyed the tradition of
your time and you gave the man the ‘fruit’
of his seed which the other woman could

Her cruelty toward you, you simply could not
grasp.  As you listened to a deeper voice
within—you fled…
Fled into a barren desert
You, anything but barren, found the pool…

Go back…go back…
You heard, you listened…your child
A Promise~~~descendants will/shall be uncountable
like the stars in the ceiling above…

Where has this story, your story, HAGAR,
How many untold stories intertwined within

It is you who invites us to drink
from each body of water on this tiny planet.
We, so ‘limited’ in understanding,
do not ‘grasp’ the complexities of the unique
always changing Universe where we dwell…
You, unlike us, risked at times to remain unmovable heading back
to what is familiar.

Each story not heard today splashes over and over
in the waves cresting to the shore returning
with each tide.

Tsunamis, tornadoes, fires change the face of the landscape~~~we must hear what is untold and it is what connects us…
we have forgotten this link.

No matter what name given Yahweh~~~
All is ONE.

If all our fabrics of different textures, races, genders, creeds, religions
are placed ‘together,’ a blending
of your love Hagar helps us to realize
there are many stories enraptured in the One
Story.  And the Source
sees each of us as ‘our’ own Author~~~

How do we live our life to the fullest within the
text of our time?

Hagar…untold story
Birthing with new life and meanings…
Let us find the springs of
life within all beings.


“You must have chaos within you to give
birth to a dancing star.”
                                         Friedrich Nietzsche

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