Half-A-Century Old…And I’ve Lost My Religion

Half-A-Century-Old…And  I’ve Lost My Religion

to some…a mere passing of years
to others…a million years.

Quietly immersed in the cup of
my life,
I’m pouring out what is
no longer necessary—
my religion.

It is not like I woke today
and began spilling out
all unnecessary ‘content.’

Actually, without even
realizing it—it was as if a
stone had been rolled away.

That’s it exactly—
a stone rolled back which
covered an entrance to my
inner chamber—
light seeped in…

A warmth unable to be
put into words— now experienced.

Nothing made sense.
There was no great epiphany
and still everything was
and, I sat in the silence…

That one stone—
a corner stone
once removed while
all the other stones began
to topple.

The weight of distorted
messages broken down—
the incense now
able to rise.

The wooden pews…
the pointed steeples…
the stained glass windows…
no longer block
the relational wonder of
pulling me
from death to life.

Do I understand all that
is happening?—goodness, no!

I move from the rubble
not lost—but for a
first time…FOUND.

I can hardly begin to
anticipate what the next half
century shall unearth


I can only utter,
“What a time for celebration.”



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  1. Fran Dornan
    Fran Dornan says:

    Sandra, thanks for continuing to share your thoughts, words and photography. I look forward to receiving them, and love the “food for thought” they always provide. Hope this message finds you well in body and spirit.
    With love,

  2. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    The stone is rolled back
    my Sister walks out

    revived, renewed, resurrected
    she walks forth

    I greet her with a knowing smile
    and hug from my heart

    It’s not a physical hug
    for I cannot touch her yet
    she is Ascending

    Her radiance helps me to take a pause
    and remember to breathe

    Breathing before I step into
    what she’s walked forth from

    The pause helps me to question
    helps me to discern
    helps me to know my intentions
    helps me to be clear

    I walk in and take a seat
    I have not been here in a long time
    on a steady basis such as this

    I insist that the stone remain rolled back
    leaving the door wide open

    It feels like a changing of the guard
    Can I be in this world, but not of it?

    Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord
    I Am a Light in the dark

    Happy Birth Day my dear Sister.
    Lisa Marie

  3. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    I searched for this poem today. I needed to re member at this time. What a wonderful opportunity it’s been this past hour to reread these poems that fill my cup, and pictures that touch my Soul. I appreciate… and as tears fill my eyes, I remember.


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