You cannot harness a myth—

yet, you can read
in between the story lines—

Not necessarily to create
a rule or a system—

still, you can choose to ‘see’
how myth invites
a deeper more intimate way

~~~of creating life

~~~of being in this world
and yet not of it.

When I say not of it (the world)
I do not mean “Creation’s” way
of being…

Living Creation’s seasons teaches us
EVERY way of living
in this world.

By not being
of this world is not
allowing oneself
to fall into the clatter
—the NOISE of opposing sides
hurling unsavory remarks…

When one strips away
the conformity to any ONE ‘system’
one dances to the delicate balance of regaining the SOURCE
ever present
MOST especially within.

One lives by a flow pouring
outward yet it never escapes
from within for it
UNDERSTANDS (yet not completely)
a bigger mystery holding life
ever so firmly
and still so gently

allowing one the FREEDOM
to go on BEING.

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