Healing the Ear of the Servant

Healing the Ear of the Servant

a collective ‘ONE’—
A Royal ‘Priesthood.’

The Christ, (Cosmic)
everything BUT a priest from
the Tribe of Levi.

When Peter swung his sword
in the darkness of the
He cut off the right ear
of the high priest’s servant,


The Christ, placed his hand
upon his ear—
his right ear,
a visible sign (maybe),
an act made ONLY by
the priest
under the law
marking the selected~~~Ordained.

Still—this simple itinerant
performed an action
ONLY the priest could
endow to enact the
sacrifice—the atonement.

Only a few droplets of blood
on the servant’s shoulder
and then they ‘removed’~~~in chains
the ONE
who ‘ended’ the meaning
no longer necessary.

The old ways no longer—
a new WAY begun.

Yes~~~‘One’ Royal Priesthood

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