Can you ‘see?’
are you able to open your
heart to embrace the
pupils‘ you cannot view
beneath the hoodie…?

Some’one’ is underneath
the cover
Why is she/he shielded?
Have you asked?
Perhaps you’ve drawn a conclusion.

Why the choice not to
be revealed?
Has the person beneath the hoodie been abandoned,
left out, cast aside?

Has anyone touched the face
caressed the many tears
that flow under its protective

Who is truly under the ‘hoodie?’
Is it perhaps you or me?
Maybe ‘we’ don’t wear our
hoodie outwardly, but do we

Why the hoodie?
I don’t have the answers,
but I do know what it feels
like to have my face

the warmth of a loving presence

I’ve never been the same…

Let’s try to embrace at least
one face, one invisible face
captured under the hoodie


4 replies
  1. Ibruck
    Ibruck says:

    Your piece reminds of the mask song in the garden – the mask, the mask, put up the mask or you’ll get hurt. Here you’ve got the hoodie to protect yourself from feeling. The sketch is great! I like the way the hoodie makes a tent to conceal the dweller’s eyes.

  2. Alice
    Alice says:

    You ask provocative questions, my friend. And encourage us to go deeper into those questions with your soulful art. Who’s under the hoodie? You, me, all of us in oneness.

  3. Ann
    Ann says:

    Sandy, I LOVE “Hoodie.” How many times have I looked but not seen? How many times have I assumed but haven’t stopped to “get to know?” What am I afraid of? And why do I “hide” sometimes beneath the “hoodie?” Am I afraid to open myself up to new growth and new experiences? “Think outside of the box” I tell myself. “Take a risk.” You never know what will help you stretch and grow. SomeONE knows…I just need to take that “hoodie” off and expose myself to the SONlight.


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