I AM a collision of stars
smattering dust throughout the Universe.

I AM the red clay of the Earth’s
dwelling awaiting a solitary breath.

I AM the tree in the center of the
garden they call Eden—my fruit is
for ALL to eat.

I AM the living man & woman made in
the likeness of Unity…behold the

I AM the descendants forming the
Milky Way—our numbers grow with
every passing and ‘we’ become a
NEW being.

I AM the burning bush set upon a
mountain and I grow within the flame.

I AM the stone held in the sling
and soar through the air once
wildly released.

I AM the woman who gave away
her child so it would not be
split in two.

I AM the lion in the den—
my jaws sealed.

I AM the mother who simply said,
“Let it be done to me.”

I AM the father who listened
to dreams.

I AM the voice in the desert making

I AM the Ones who followed,
letting-go of everything, not really
understanding BUT knowing what
‘we’ MUST do.

I AM the One He loved…I
anointed His feet with my tears
AND knelt below Him as He
refused to pursue any form
of violence.

I AM an empty tomb
pulsating with life.

I AM Spirit blowing where ever
I will and alongside those who HEAR.

I AM the very beginning
and the very end.

I AM a strand of pearls
time has forgotten.

I AM ‘awakening’ in the HEARTS of
those yearning, discovering I AM.

I AM as YOU are
we are separate and yet
uniquely ONE.

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