I Believe

I Believe

Eyes wide open—
I looked out ‘into’ the sea.

So many times before,
my heart’s rhythm was lured
by the ebb & flow
—the rush of the wave
crashing onto the shore.

But, today
as I glanced,
I noticed something changed
—it was I.

I no longer needed any
scientific data to explain
to me the unfathomable
depths of the ocean
—unexplored reefs where
new marine life NEVER

I no longer needed the
astronomer’s vision clarifying
the movement of the tides
and how it connects with
the moon’s orbit.

I no longer needed any
theological understandings of
creation’s beginnings—
no one needed to clarify
the soft void that made
its way in emptiness.

This day I understood
even though I’ve stood
in this place countless times…

I do not need anyone
else to understand
what it is I’ve come to
know exactly as I do—
my conscience guides me.

I do not plan to stand in
any academic arenas
defending my thesis on
what it is I NOW know.

I’m not planning to stand
in any sanctuaries
‘preaching’ the lesson
I’ve learned because it is
not held in any book,
chapter or verse.

Staring out into the infinite
mystery of the sea—
treading outward miles
after miles…
inwardly I dream,
I vision and hope.
I ‘hear’ my breath in
harmony with the sweet
rush of endless water


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  1. Suze Baron
    Suze Baron says:

    The awareness of your being on earth impresses me Sandy. I ll continue to share your work for the comfort it brings. Thank you, Suze

  2. Benedicte
    Benedicte says:

    Sooo beautiful Sandy. You are a wise woman. Blessings for your day and thank you for posting such a weekly gift.

    Love to you and your soulmother and -grandmother.



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