I Can’t Stop the Rain

I Can’t Stop the Rain…

for even a moment.

One solitary drop
and I cannot
lift it
and place it in
the bucket
pouring its contents

Each pool of water
finds a place—

One ‘plunks’ on the rooftop
another on a dainty flower’s petal.

One splashes in a river’s bed
while another meets the cool pavement.

Effortless, the gentle wetness
christens a meadow
another hits a window
distorting the view.

At times ‘drops’ fall
within a soul
which recognizes
it cannot change
the world—

BUT, it can

leap into the sea
of rain soaked

bathing in the vast

and suddenly
laughing aloud

whispering to
one’s self,

“Why, why have
    I ever tried to
        stop the rain.”

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  1. S Piampiano
    S Piampiano says:

    The message, as always, is wonderful but this one has found a home in my heart Your words are blessings every day


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