I Don’t know how to love like You

I Don’t know how to love like You

My words so few
cannot express
‘love’ as You.

I rise each day…
with urgency I embrace
the morning.
I attempt to kiss each
star, but I’m at a
loss as the celestial sky
twirls on—

Before the coming of the sun,
I bend my knee…
I cup my hands—
a solitary attempt
to usher in this rising.
AGAIN, I’m so lost in the
rays penetrating the sky—
my hands open…
You sink in.

The day makes way—
the quiet I knew
cars honking, music blaring,
machines operating—
a siren ‘crying,’
and I try to send ‘love’ to
‘that’ other the ambulance
seeks to get to—
I know You
ALREADY there.

The orange ball
has begun its descent—
All the time that has
All the opportunities to
love, I’ve missed.
BUT—You have not.

You have loved me
through this single day…
caught my words—
held my being—
You reside in me…
allowing my ‘ear’ to
hear a single ‘cry.’
If it be all I
cared for this day,
Your love taught me it
is enough.

I’ve heard.

I close my eyes this night
knowing I don’t know
how to love like You.

Still…I AM your
HEART place.

A loving place in which to
rest .


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