I Knew You like No Other

I Knew You like No Other

I was absolutely certain
I knew how to explain you,
define you, imagine you.

Then ‘some-thing’ happened.
I cannot quite put my finger
on it—
You no longer made sense.
My answers no longer

NOW, bombarded with questions—
this unknowing…
All answers disappeared
without a trace.

As a result,
I’ve become softer,
much more pliable.

I’ve fallen in love with the
numerous questions my heart seeks.

They are like the gentle pounding
of a drum (these questions)
tapping along to the rhythm
of the wind
and then echoing the
uninterrupted silence.

I knew you then—like no other…
but now I know YOU
and no longer have a
reason to explain you

You are in ALL things—
ALL things are in me—

This Oneness
NO certainty can
take away.

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