I Lost a Friend Today

I Lost a Friend Today

The note came in the mail.
I opened the seal not
expecting the weight I discovered ‘within.’

I lost a friend today…
I suppose you can ‘read’
this in a myriad of ways

But, I’ll make it clear—
Although ‘somethings’ are
never quite clear…

I buried her little boy
years ago.
We did not speak weekly,
monthly or even yearly,
still…we were ‘in touch.’

When I read the ‘words’—
Heaven’s doors—here, now
pushed open.

An enormous wave
formed from a source
unknown and a
kaleidoscope of tears
enveloped me.

I did not hold them back—
they spilled all over
me… I was soaked.

I sat
drenched in grief.
I sat …eyes swollen
and the milky substance
still finding form—
salted the edge of
my lips…

I walked later that day—
the rain pelted my cheeks…
washing my face now
mindful of death’s sting…

I drove along a
winding trail—
trees stretched out their branches
and the sun burst
through the windshield’s
pane pressing itself
upon my chest.

I was warm…
filled with an
impregnable heat—
I never wanted to end.

Pulling the car to the side
of the roadway, I stopped—
the light still cast on my being.

I smiled
without realizing it…
my very lips curving
so far they
created a ripple in
my skin causing my
eyes to squint—
the sweetest ‘squint’ I
ever felt

AND— in that moment

THIS ‘present’

I found my friend
ALL around

Far from gone.

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  1. Marilyn Rossier
    Marilyn Rossier says:

    I wish I could give you a hug.
    But what a wonderful gift that the experience of grief can bring us closer to God. It has been that way for me.
    Marilyn Rossier, Lee

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thank you, Sandy. Your words and experience resonate with me and I know your speak Truth. Love and blessings are showering over you from me to you. XOXOX

  3. Mary Lou
    Mary Lou says:

    Thanks Sandy. Your words touch many of my friends today. In the last two weeks we buried seven of our sisters – mostly my peers.


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