I Lost You God

I Lost You God


I’ve put all I’ve ever known,
been taught, studied—“DOWN”
and I stepped into ‘nothingness.’

I walked, and walked, and walked.
I stopped ‘thinking.’

I cannot tell you the moments
or instances—
it was sudden.

Everything, everyone became God.
In my mind, it was an
explosion of sorts.
Light spewed itself in ALL things.

I could not not drop to my knees—
the motion was a dance.

Inside me I felt a flow
moving. It was rushing through me
and I had to reach out connecting
with a tree rooted in earth.

I stood.  The ground beneath my
feet swayed or was it I that was swaying?
It no longer mattered.

We moved together
‘in’ this Life.

God—I believe I’ve beheld you…

NOT in a single glimpse
but, in the endless knitting
of a world creating itself over and over again.


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