I Never Saw It Coming

I Never Saw It Coming

Her words—
“We must ‘master’…”
Master what?

Just when I think
(there’s a scary phenomenon)
I’m done thinking.

I know when I believe
I have mastered something
I am pushed to the edge—
the edge of a cliff
and I leap.
I free fly
mindful of ALL
I have trusted—

What from the initial beginnings
was birthed,
I NEVER saw coming.

Now—I am in the womb
Nicodemus asked,
“Can I return into my mother’s
womb and be reborn?”

I can emphatically

I’m swimming
in embryonic fluids.
I’m growing,

Though my eyes are closed,
they are so
open to

What will be?

I never saw
what was to come so
I’ll simply
be for now.

The ONLY thing
I must do
is ‘nothing.’
Yes, nothing.

I’ll begin
to master

who  I AM.

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