I ‘SEE’ Your Face

I ‘SEE’ Your Face

I see your face
in the rising of
a thousand suns.

I see YOU— your eyes
your pupils— like black notes
on a naked white page
and your song

I see your breath
it is the wind
clicking through branches
and caressing leaves.
Wrapped in wonder
am I.

I see your hair
the wet blanket of
grass and lingering
on every head a dewdrop
sparkling in the rays
born on a landscape
for a first time.
This first morning
that will never be again
but shall return
NEW tomorrow.

I see your skin
outlined in the mountain’s peaks…
your body—real is
the curve of your neck
the shape of your breasts
the sway in your hips
the length of your legs
and your feet
running in farmlands
over the water
draping over sands of

I see your face

May I say
Your face is beautiful
just like a song
‘living’ to be sung—

I see your face…AND









Phyllis Pulver’s (Minister of Music/Singer of Song/Lover of Life) Fun Filled Singing Retreat
Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center 2016
Photo by Cheri Warren



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