I Think I’ve Lost You…

I Think I’ve Lost You…

All these years
I can barely count the seasons past
I’ve been worn by the weathers
and yet it is grace that has
gently kissed my aging skin

I have known you
discovered You in countless ways
Your name endless and yet is
in my every breath whispered again
and again and again

Yet, somehow in this silence “You” seemed
to have vanished~~~
vanished entirely into my soul
I no longer have a name for you
all my knowing matters not at all
it is in the absence of knowing

I ‘realize’ it makes sense—
In losing YOU I’ve let go of
everything make believe
and yes, discovered you within me.

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  1. Madre425
    Madre425 says:

    Dear Sandy,
    We read your poem of March 9th in our Theology Class today with Mrs. Pawlik. We thought it was “deep” and we didn’t really realize that you are a poet, too. We also just got done hearing THE LONG JOURNEY HOME. That reminded us of the parable of the Lost Son. We just got done studying the parables.
    Mrs. Pawlik’s 7th Grade, Section 1.

    • Sandra Mattucci
      Sandra Mattucci says:

      I usually never comment on the BLOG itself…BUT, You are AMAZING…each one of you! If you remember the sharing of ‘The Story’…in the beginning everything created was said to ‘BE GOOD.’ The Creator delighted in all! My ‘favorite’ image at the end(remember)…my HOPE is you realize in that image…’it’ too is GOOD! I cannot wait to hear what you will bring to this world~~~Share ‘your’ story…you’re the only one who can…


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