If The “god”…

If The “god”…

If the ‘god’ you
place your trust in
asks you to ‘divide,’
to choose, to pick…

Maybe you need to
re-think or
even better STOP thinking.

Your mind has a way
of playing tricks on you
especially when it
seeks ONLY what
serves YOU.

Perhaps the ‘god’ you
serve is you
as you turn on the
T.V. and select
the politics that
represent ‘your’ side,
your views—
try turning it off.

Just a thought…
the church you enter
is it open to all?
Does the ‘god’ inside
welcome every person?
If not—stop going.

Are you struggling
while reading these words?
Is the ‘god’ in you
shouting, “Stop reading.’

Listen now
maybe the One who
‘lives’ inside you
finally has your

You will not be able
to go back.

If you choose to
embrace the ‘Source’
dwelling in all of Life—
dualities no longer exist.

You will desire to love
more deeply
and the sweetness of bliss will
melt the scales
from your eyes.

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