Before you came to be,
as you are now,
a light was born in you.

You radiated with a splendor
set ablaze.

Nothing could hold back
your wonder
and, so you burst into
the world like a shooting

This new place in which you found
yourself was new—
others carried your glow.

At times, it appeared taken
from you.
You were hidden, and
within, you knew this was 
not your destiny.

You set out and attempted
to fit into place.

Again and again, you were
cast in your own designer

One night you stood beneath
the moon.
You pointed in its direction
and, your fingertip began to 

Suddenly, you were born
again, transformed,

The flame that is You,
set the world aglow.

Shine…only you
can cast the love you are
meant to ignite NOW.


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