I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for
ever having doubted you.

I’m sorry for not
sitting with you long enough
because ‘everything’ else
seemed more important.

I’m sorry for saying “Yes”
when I really meant “No”
because I was worried
I would not be accepted.

I’m sorry for being
so frightened that I did
not act for the ‘good’ of another.

I’m sorry for my silence—
for holding back my voice
rationalizing how I did not want
to hurt anyone
and in reality imprisoned myself.

I’m sorry for seeing only
the giftedness of others
and excusing myself as unworthy
when in truth I ran from the
gifts inside me.

I’m sorry for not recognizing
that true humility is in
lighting the world
not in being modest and keeping
my glow beneath a bushel.

I’m sorry for being
so damn sorry.

I’ve apologized again
and again and you have sent wave after wave
of unneeded

You splashed me
so deeply with
love I’m soaked—
I’m shivering with

Another immersion…
I’m dripping
tears of joy
causing the sand
to glitter
and you gently

“Now~~~follow me.”


4 replies
  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    What a beautiful poem…….touched me to the core…..thank you for sharing so much of yourself and for spreading God’s love to everyone!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      “Perhaps” in the sadness we are finally pushed to the edge of truth and then…we leap!
      NEW joys discovered that have been all along!
      Thank you for sharing YOUR voice!


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