I was traveling
down a roadway
cruising about 65
when suddenly before
me I began to
see vignettes—
road signs—
images of my life—
years gone by.

My speed began
to slow down
as I gazed
‘beyond’ each scene.

Sometimes I had to
close my eyes
caught up in moments
only to open them
quickly enough to
hold the road.

Looking ‘into’ painted
No matter what had
taken place—
I paused, realizing how
those days gone by
brought me here, NOW—
Yes, to this moment of GRACE.

Then my vehicle came to
a stop—an overpass
up ahead~~~
Graffiti sprayed ‘into’ the cement…
truly it was a work of ART.

The message read,

All the scenes of my life~~~
the past…
brought me to this AWAKENED time.

Nothing impossible—
For I AM Possible
As are YOU…

Choose your signs
and what you follow.


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