In Search of a Star

In Search of a Star

A lanky little child
was born.

She was different—
others let her know
(not always in the
kindest of ways)

Over the years
she grew in wisdom
and knowledge.

Others said she was
whatever that meant.

One day she set out
in search of a star.

She tripped over
rocks and twigs—

she stumbled through
a pile of leaves
staying awhile because
it was such fun.

Fog set in and she
couldn’t see anything
so she ‘waited’
learning the ‘gift’ of
ACTION in the wait.

As the way cleared
itself, she ran
through streams—
soaked and shivering.

She huffed and puffed
over sand dunes—
the scorching heat
drained her,
but she pressed on.

Forest friends
placed nuts in
her path so she
was ALWAYS full…

BUT her HEART was
empty (so she thought)
because the star she
sought could not be found.

She laid down
in a flower strewn
valley, falling fast
asleep until she
was woken by a splash.

Drenched she was
in the night sky—
it spilled itself upon her.

She rubbed her eyes
and rubbed them again…

The yellow field of flowers
lifted her—
she rose in splendor…

She was a star
her search over
yet, the light in her—
only NOW begun.

(Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12…The Epiphany)

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