Incarnate you

Incarnate You

Pull back the sheets—
Draw the cover from your pupils.
Rise, lift the shade—
crack the window’s seal.
Glance at the stars
gathered in union.
Behold the flames of their
Yesterday they dripped their seeds
upon the earth.

Vast incarnations spread
impregnating the fields
—The heat of passion melted
a vast array of snow covered peaks
—Deserts moistened
holding the erotic dance of the Universe


today blossoms.

Ripening began.

We hold in our hands
the ‘fruit.’

Nothing asked.

We ‘touch’ the gifts
creation lays claim.

The tiller of the soils
laid the ground work.
THIS day we taste
always abundance.
The birthing of life
for everyone.

We are here to serve
each other.

No One hungry
or thirsty
or naked
or homeless.

May we SEE
the incarnation as
NOT a single moment
but a lasting impression
imparted on the chambers
of our hearts

allowing us to proclaim,
“You, too, will do greater
works than have been done.”

A star is shining—
are you finally ‘open’ to
the incarnate wonder that
is You?

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  1. Jan Maki
    Jan Maki says:

    What a beautiful way to start the day! I am blessed to know such a special woman. Thank you for your brillant expression of love. May the love of God surround you today and always. Love Jan

  2. Maureen T
    Maureen T says:

    Yes, wonderful way to start day….thank you… the fence rail and sand, too………………raining today, it’s a blessing for the earth and us…


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