ISAAC & ISHMAEL (Hebrew Scriptures)















ISAAC & ISHMAEL (Hebrew Scriptures)

What is it you would tell us?
What would you share if the chasm created
between the two of you never existed?

Who set the boundaries?  The borders?  The divisions?
Who drew the line in the sand separating you
from the Promise you received through and
by the same Source we all
call by a different name?

The stars above…a canopy of your children
and their children’s children.
They sparkle downward…’we,’ the stardust
alive in this place
live with the hope you both shout out in all
the unspoken verses.

You, sons of Abraham—
Sons of Hagar & Sarah—
Enough jealously, bitterness, envy—

Erase, erase from the past the lines whose
sentences end with an engulfing exclamation!

Run~on…create fragments that speak to
Eternity’s never~endings.

You Isaac, whose story continued.
You Ishmael, whose story is ‘blank’ yet, brimming
with life…
teach us~~~

Let us look and see the hidden message—
Your connection not your separation…

Embrace…and may the story be told and heard anew.


“The two most important days in your life
are the day you are born
and the day you
find out why.”

                                             Mark Twain

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