Jeremiah…(Hebrew Scripture)

Jeremiah…(Hebrew Scripture)


Did you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Get someone else to do this…

I’m too young.
Or…I’m NOT the right person.
(Who is the right person?)

This task you ask…
I’m NOT right for the job—

WAIT…this isn’t a job, it’s a __________

it’s a CALL…

One I NEVER saw coming.
I’m sinking into this, this
whatever you call it.

I understand so little
but, the little I understand I offer.
“One of the very worst self-murdering lies that people tell themselves is that they are no good and have no gift and nothing important to say.”
—Brenda Euland

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    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      There is always plenty to say BUT how we choose to express ourselves reveals who ‘we’ are…
      and hopefully we do NOT reflect back the a side of our self we fail to acknowledge.


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