JOB…(Hebrew Scriptures)

JOB…(Hebrew Scriptures)

You…gave the Creator
lessons in ‘good.’

Yes, you Job—
You knew ‘nothing’ of a council
gathering…you had no idea your
name came up as the next contestant
on ‘evil’s’ list.

The One, yes the very one who fashioned
YOU turned you over (at least that’s what is written in the Book)
not once, but twice.

You knew nothing of this ‘layout’
or ‘blueprint.’
In fact, you seemed to ‘blot’ out
everything ‘within the script.’

Your friends…your wife
‘tried’ to help you to ‘see’ the
errors of your ways.
They demanded you to name
to ask forgiveness—
to curse the One who formed you.
Yet, you would not.

Instead, you sat in your aloneness.
Yes, the Divine left you sitting.
You ‘stretched’ the very essence of the Divine—
because of your goodness, Job.

You would not denounce the Source of Life—
Yet, you invited this Creator
into the fullness of intimacy.

You sat
asking one question
after another
until the Divine
left the council
and spoke
Soul to Soul with YOU.

In your stillness—
in your quiet…
a relational
Mystery resurrected.

Your need for answers
were no more.
Your questions
became the
perfection of

The Source of all Life
did not dwell
‘outside’ of you
but, ‘inside’ of
and ALL around you.

You have a secret
so many long to bare.
“Participate with joy in the sorrows of the world.”     —Buddhist principle

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  1. Joe Renn
    Joe Renn says:

    Very appropriate, as well as timely, for me today. I am on a course to read the Bible through, and just started Job today.
    Peace be with you,


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