JOSEPH…(Hebrew Scriptures)


Joseph…(Hebrew Scriptures)

You, Dreamer.
You danced with rainbows
in your head.
Your coat of many colors
was your soul
on fire.

You saw… visioned what others
could not see.
You shared your ‘joy’
and those closest to you simply could not rejoice.

They stripped you—
tossed you in a ditch—
left you for dead.

They took your ‘coat’
and laid it at your father’s feet.
His tears soaked into
the orange and yellows…
into the purples and greens
and, the blues muddied the colors.

But, the ‘real’ coat—
the coat of the indwelling of your spirit radiated from the tomb where you lay~~~so ALIVE.

A caravan of strangers—so far removed from your race, your tribe
brought you out—
“Burst” you from a womb of wonder.

They took you to a new land
where you earned their trust and respect.
They honored and adored the Dreamer
in you and they ‘listened’ to your

(Still jealous green monsters loomed discrediting you)

Famines arose as you had foreseen.
You were there to prepare.
This you did.

Persons came from far and wide.
You distributed the bounty the
LAND gave…no one hungry or dying of thirst.

In front of your eyes,
stood your brothers who knew you not—
they so helpless, so vulnerable.

Your eyes filled with raw emotion…
raining in colors—your tears.
You turned away~~~only to come back…

You saw it.
what did you do?
You loved…
you poured out love
embracing your kin.

When you looked into your father’s eyes,
you knew every moment ‘ordained.’
When you gazed upon your brother (Benjamin),
you did not even know
the seed within you
immediately grafted itself
to the tree of life
from which we all take root.

 “…Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now,
because you would not be able to live them.
And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions NOW.

                                                                                   —Rainer Maria Rilke

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