JOSEPH…The New Testament

Joseph…The New Testament

Two wooden beams…

Did you see them in your dreams?

Wood in your hands—
it became like clay…
you would mold and fashion—
create like no other carpenter.

a little carpenter you had
at your side.
He watched YOU—
became you.

You LOVED his mother.
You would not allow her to be stoned as was the law
you believed in.

Within your dream
you were stretched.
“YOU” held her—
enveloped her, becoming
her Beloved.

Your tiny apprentice
grew beyond the trade.
He was pulled elsewhere.
In this time—
perhaps, you ‘ALREADY’ gone.

But, you spoke a
message of transformation
far from teaching
in words.

Your spoken
actions were epic.

Who would have thought
your boy, now a man,
would be hung
from the very craft,
skill, artistry
you taught him.

Joseph, father—
you taught your son.

He knew how to hang
from the wood.
He knew beyond the law
that YOU were
with him through the
end of the age.

Together, with
the woman who was
your soul’s companion,
YOU taught him to
believe AND make
all things NEW.

This is why he ROSE
from the wood
and led others
to SEE an empty tomb.

Joseph—you were/are so
much more than
ONLY a Carpenter.
“Dreams pass into the reality of action.  From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.                               —Anais Nin

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  1. Kate Alexander
    Kate Alexander says:

    Dearest Sandy, wherever the journey of your footsteps bring you be ever assured that it is Holy ground upon which you walk. I thank you oh so very much for your work in the world: your presence, your art–in its many forms, the love you bring–and represent, and the beautiful ways in which you show and share it. I hope you are well and your adventures fill your soul with health, beauty, and continued blessed faith.
    Love always,


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