Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 10

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 10

August 31st, 2017/ Shap to OrtonThis day
a blank page…
and the message does not start with “In the Beginning…”

My steps are rooted in the Cosmic Maternal Mother who wrote into life this creation in which I am revolving—Birthed~~~

The stars twinkle like diamonds pasted to a silky black sheet.  The dawn— untucked…opens a gate unnoticed and the mother opens the windows—the ‘Sun’ enters…

The landscape breathes in the warmth.  If one looks closely enough, the rise and fall in earth’s chest heaves a joyous sigh~~~a new day bursts through a Mother’s Eternal Womb…

Streams and riverbeds flow from the mountains…Her ‘well’ appears brimming in succulent abundance…Her creatures, wild and tame, graze freely pausing to see ‘human kind’ walking on two…feet that is!

I wonder what they are thinking…sometimes it seems they extend an invitation~~~
“Join us…the grasses soft and so decadent at this time…”
I humbly bow in gratitude and whisper, “I’ll pass for now, but might I have a picture?”  Sometimes I believe they are smiling.

Dark clouds rise from the west—
to my left, I caught hold of the Gate Keeper…
He walked slowly, steadily—and today “HE” was…

Yesterday, the Gate Keeper was “SHE.”
A teacher…she knew her homeland and she was in a state of bliss as she spoke…(Her Name—Helen/China).

Another day the Gate Keeper was a lake…stretching endlessly~~~as I walked along side the water, I became a solitary vessel opening my sail trusting Her waters to bring me back to the trail.

The Gate Keeper has been mountains—restless and rugged, harsh and demanding…pulling, pushing quickening my heart pooling the blood, sipping the air’s oxygen to summits bathed in ‘cushie’ blades of green stems.

Yes, the green grasses—the Gate Keepers.  The single dew drops dance upon each peak…wild flowers~~~yellow and purple blossom because they can…not worried no one notices because the Gate Keeper does!

But who, what…is the Gate Keeper?

Some-days…is it I?
Is this why I am here?  Am I discovering who I am in these blank pages with no beginning and no ending…and, are You?

I will name you, God, for now…
are you in between my every line?  Every verse?  Every sentence?  At times as I walk, I feel we are the flame of a candle burning from both ends.

We have come close to the half way point of our Coast to Coast walk—

Shall we meet there?

Can you feel the burning desire of my being as it draws nearer to You and knows we are of the same wick?

I will never extinguish this flame—for now I’ll hand this glow I AM ablaze within to the unknown Gate Keeper…it is almost time to light the stars—I will close my eyes BUT, I will be watching…

Good Night…sweet dreams Gate keeper—who ever You are.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    This is beautiful, Sandy. So many images flowed through my imagination as I continued to read. Thank you for “stretching” me to envision what you so eloquently express in your writing. Much love,…


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