Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 12

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 12

Date: September 2, 2017 / Kirkby Stephen to Keld (Half Way Point)                                                                     Holy

Holy, Holy
today THIS be—YOUR name!

In the early morning,
darkness erased any visible sign—
the moon rose…so near to fullness—HOLY

Dawn arrived…
as I stepped outside,
my boots cradled my soles, anticipating
the unexpected~~~HOLY

As we traversed the roadway,
we noticed pheasants on the path shining like copper in the
sun’s piercing light.  Grouse lifted from
heather as they sensed an unfamiliar
presence…they called out with

Sojourners…going for a day’s trek,
others walking the opposite direction—
few we have met en-route to Robin Hood’s Bay~~~HOLY

Our arrival to Nine Standards…
Rock formations crafted 200 years ago…
purpose…NO real telling—
atop this mountain they rise…
the design intriguing…luring.
The only explanation from a local~~~MYSTERY
ah, HOLY

Bogs were an item this day…
some walkers were buried to their waists
(this we were told)…
Hiking poles touched the surface before steps taken…
There was NO swimming in Bogs today—HOLY

Markers, signposts directing the way—HOLY

A river running alongside us…
a song…soft trickling, babbling brooks,
small waterfalls carrying endless drops
down, down, down

To the town known as Keld~~~HOLY

This day ‘together’ we have reached the Half Way Point~~~ HOLY

Holy…it is your Name.

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  1. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    What joy to be Blessed to walk with you through this journey of the written word, and the photos that capture the essence of the journey as well. Thank you for sharing your journey’s with all of us. The photos you take, and the sharing of your heartfelt experiences along the way. You open your heart wide, and share your deepest thoughts freely with us all?! How am I worthy to receive such a Blessing?! I don’t know, but I chose to open my heart even wider to receive your gifts freely given. My heart had to pour out these words on this evening during HOLY Week. I AM Blessed beyond belief, by One Single Drop.


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