Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 13

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day—13

Date: September 3rd, 2017/ Keld to Reeth



                                                       Walker, your footsteps
                                                are the road, and nothing more.

                                                     Walker, there is no road
                                                  the road is made by walking.

                                                  Walking you make the road,
                                                    and turning to look behind
                                                    you see the path you never
                                                       again will step upon.

                                                       Walker, there is no road,
                                                     only foam trails on the sea.

                                                                            ~~~Antonio Machado

The world wakes
rising to greet your steps.
Like a fresh cup of tea
‘steeping,’ you glance
out the window—
sixteen rectangular panes
framed ‘inside’ ONE sheet of glass.
A picture ‘within’ each etched
—sheep grazing
—stone walls fancifully arranged
—rolling green meadows, lush and laced in dew
—mountains shaped in curves, bends, majestic heights and downward slopes
—trees extending their branches in anticipation
—a bird held in the morning’s chill
—a town slowly beginning to wake after a long night…
community coming together to finish the loading of hay barrels
—campers…nested in tents
—sky—a pink orange silhouette
—clouds moving in gently asking if they might share this stage…
Walker, from inside YOU, see
the world AND the world sees you.
The glass between you does not
divide your Oneness.
Your traveling kindred silently breathing
in THIS moment.
there are NO doors barring you from
You have arrived before your feet
even touched the ground.
The timeless ‘mat’ you walk upon
endlessly responds, “WELCOME.”
A Gospel Reading…

In two words,
Look Up“…

“Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ…”

We did NOT sit for a homily
it WAS spoken beyond verbal utterances.

My friend, breathless (not from the walking,)
but from what she beheld.

She prophetically proclaimed,
Look Up.”

The horizon before us—
The sun illuminating rays of light
yet wrapped ‘around’ its circumference—
a rainbow…
it was like a halo dipped in red,
yellow, pink
and blue,
purple and orange.

Together, my friend and I froze—
NOT in fear…
NO, we held the moment in reverence
and we walked tasting communion…

THIS was our liturgy
THIS our Sunday service—

I heard in my being,
“Go in Peace, to Love and serve the World.”

the World filled my heart
with Peace
AND revealed all ‘she’
offers—so freely
serving humankind.

Look Up

  The Gospel of the World

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Dear Sandra,
    We wish you and your Mom a Blessed Easter.
    Peace, Love and Joy during this beautiful time of the Glorious Resurrection.
    Nancy & Ritchie


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