Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 18

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 18

Date: September 8, 2017 Great Broughton to Blakey

(Early Morning)
The light of the moon split the clouds and slowly lifted them like a curtain from a stage.  The moon was beaming fully pointing the direction to the sea…here our steps arrive and end.  The anticipation—haunting.  So close…my hand reached to ‘touch’ the moon..  As she ‘dangles’ overhead, silence speaks.  “Not yet, you cannot touch me yet.”  Three days left to walk—The sun is beginning to paint upon the darkness—hues of pink and orange. I sink from the bed that has held me all night like a cradle…my feet touch the floor AND I am beginning to feel a tide rising within me as we come nearer to the shore.“Here on this mountain the clouds down below I’m feeling so strong and alive—From this rocky perch I’ll continue to search for the wind, and the snow & the sky…I’ve seen the bottom and I’ve been on top but mostly I live in between—and where do you go when you get to the end of your dream?… ”                      Dan Fogelberg–Netherlands

This day have I reached the END of my dream?
Yes, and NO…

Walking today was like being carried by a feather into an eternal Sanctuary stretching every which way…there were no endings.  Swirling daintily, carried by the winds—the North Sea could be seen rising in the distance.  I imagine there are dreams I have not begun to behold…

If I could stop blinking long enough my eyes would know NOT how to create what is held between each blink.  An endless series of photos are held in my mind’s picture frame and outside my mind the Sanctuary I am ALIVE within holds NO frame…

—an unseen doorway IS a welcome for ALL
—the choir never stops and the melodies played are never out of tune
—altars are many…every stone cries out ‘consecrated’
—HERE in this place, I utter the word from my pursed lips, “God”~~~

God of being—not a being but ALL being.
White clouds hover in the distance—their presence seems to be carrying the sun like incense rising— ‘blessings’ effortlessly being offered.

Am I dreaming?  I pinch myself…I am awake.  The service in THIS Sanctuary never ends~~~endlessly it bids, “Welcome.”

I bow…
my prayer will be A Dream.


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