Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 20

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 20

Date: September 10th, 2017/ Egton Bridge to Robin Hood’s BayHow does one write “The End” when one’s feet finally touch the foam of the Sea AND suddenly a rainbow paves itself upon a single spot in the water arching itself—
(No distance can measure) to a pool awaiting the fresh paint of colors blending in with heaven’s blues?

THIS day, in this final pause, for a first time I glanced at the Sea and saw the Sky…
and they were One—

The sky was NOT above—
the Sea was NOT below…

The rainbow formed in their Union.

I shall carry THIS picture…
more profoundly its PROMISE.

I sink more deeply in THIS silence…
I plunge into the hidden depths—
the place the rainbow seems to go.

What I have gained most in this time, IS that I know so little.

The unknown casts shadows where the sun’s light cannot reach, but down in the darkness is a flame—

it burns,
but it does not devour.

It is a place of warmth…
I hear it beating.
It is the tabernacle where You, dearest God dwell.           Amen

(This I embraced on a Shared Path—thank you, my friend, for saying, “Yes.”)

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