Journal/Coast to Coast—Day 3

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 3

Date: August 24th, 2017

THIS day…I Raise my head—
I see,
AND am filled with Blessings…

One extraordinary kaleidoscope of hidden treasures bursts open the ‘chest’ tucked in every corner of a terrain etched out~~~

An invitation heralds like a letter addressed—“this might be the way you follow.”  This after this gentle ‘prophet’ prepared a banquet, holy communion, to sustain my companion and me on the path unplanned this day.

We set out to complete the loop~~~a seven mile stretch began at the marker C2C— #000.  Before our arrival at the Irish Sea, we spotted a messenger, St Bega a young girl who at age 12—ran away from home.  Her father, a king, but she would not subject herself to an arranged marriage.  She sailed away arriving here, living as a hermit.  Already I AM ‘captured,’ and set free in this place.  She left her ring band behind~~~she lived her life doing good things for people.  She held a vision~~~
the mother presenting her the Christ child and she sought to create a nunnery.  We entered the priory—we entered the garden…we beheld The Mother, her children all around her and in her arms a little one rested.  I experienced deep peace and I  heard a voice—a woman entered the garden and said, “You can enter the church~~~it is beautiful.”  Steps led to the west entrance. It was like passing through a halo..

Inside…the kaleidoscope danced in every direction~~~symbols painted, quilted, etched, carved~~~my eyes bounced in between. Tears held within washed me in mystery beyond words.  I was wrapped in the ARMS of the Mother…and in the arms of ALL the significant women in my life~~~alive today and those who have made their way.  They filled my spirit NOW birthing a joy bursting as if from a cocoon.  My wings—drying as they prepared for flight.

Just then—Mary arrived.  Mary~~~the keeper of the plants swayed into the Chapel extending “Welcome”~~~offering invitations for sweet communion.  She revealed herself, her lovely weavings adorn the altar AND the simplicity of her Christ presence filled the room…
She was love.

The kaleidoscope of her being set us off in the direction of the sea…our boots blessed in the roaring waves as they raced to the shore…stones gathered to carry us to Robin Hood’s Bay~~~ our ending.  We’ve begun, BUT truly will our ending BECOME, once again, a beginning?

Our soles kissed the trail…a union grounded in ‘being.’  Here the kaleidoscope exploded~~~colors deep beneath the surface pushed through creating an endless green comforter.  To our left, a comforter of blue in an array of hues sparkled in the sun until soft drops of rain dabbed the canvas beneath our feet.

A light house greeted us as we made our ascent…its very ‘presence’ lifted us, our steps renewed and we walked as if we were in flight…were we flying?  We slid along the cliff sides.  In silent wonder, we held the sounds of the surf countless feet below.  Yellow fields of wheat to our right~~~liquid gold.  In my mind’s eye, I leaped plunging into a sea of grains~~~their seeds…the life they shall offer I AM fed and, though it is not a food consumed, I am filled with nature’s nurturing, life-giving resurrection encounters.

Making our way off the trail, we turned back for St Bees…a train track running parallel to our left side.  We walked amongst sheep, cattle, forest trees, tall grasses, wet bogs, and angels disguised as clouds.  The sun began her descent as we made our way back to our ‘beginnings’—

I write, I whisper, “GOOD NIGHT.”  I almost wish I could erase the line hoping THIS day would never end.  We were asked to find the kissing gate.  We never did, or did we?  I feel like I have been kissed by Heaven and endlessly reminded—“SIMPLY RECEIVE!”


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