Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 7

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 7

August 28th, 2017 (Additional Day in Grasmere)
What Exhortation Will I Leave Behind?

I have walked great distances within the nearness of my dwelling—the place I know as HOME.  I have embarked, traveling curbing distances to lands unknown.  After walking for days, I arrived and my heart felt as if it had finally been “found…”

My eyes OPENED to the vast splendor spread out like a bouquet of the freshest flowers…none the same AND setting my being aloft.

The colors—an artist’s pallet could NOT create…oh! yes…close to what the artist could produce by trying to paint this masterpiece.

Ah, the eloquence of it all held within an inner eye attempting desperately to reveal and bring forth the glory of Her Nature.  She feeds the soul with sustenance like no temporal food can fill…

Waiting, waiting, waiting~~~with arms ALWAYS open inviting the sojourner to return…

Return again, and again, and again the scene will ALWAYS be NEW—

The seasons will cast their ‘change’ in the very blink of an eye.

Transformation stills the valleys and a gleaming light always present transfigures any pilgrim simply seeking to arrive.

The branches of the pines rise.  Their endless refrain my exhortation to life…behold the eternal Resurrection.


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