Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 8

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 8

Date: August 29th, 2017/ Grasmere to Patterdale
THIS morning…
life posed a question—

“What will you see?  What will you open your eyes to?  I have given you the night…I knew you were awake…I left the soft rains to wash any visible markings—I wished yours, YOUR tracks to create THIS day.”

Setting out, I held the face of a young woman in the dining room…her words, “I have been here four months AND I have walked NO where—now I shall.”  She saw life in our steps.  Now I gazed at my feet~~~yes, held in boots, and in soft cushioned socks.  What was ahead?  I could SEE the path, the GPS device made the way a bit clearer and certainly added to the clarity of the destination sought.

I saw clearly the relevance of keeping the path.  There were little markers—actually there were—NONE.  It was easy to STOP and look…to see off in the distance, far greater than a stone’s throw—a white furry face, a bellowing clamor.  What were the sheep saying?  I am uncertain who held whose gaze.  I sensed a shepherd’s presence—but none was to be found.

Beyond each bend, over every summit, trudging down wet descents, following the curve of the river, stepping on stones to cross bogs, streams…I saw the dust the shepherd left…it rose like incense preparing the way.

Is this what life wanted me to SEE? Was there more?  Perhaps, less?

I did not mention seeing the sun rise over the ridge of the mountain…it held in the lens of my camera…orbs of green, pink and red—was that the shepherd?

Yes, the simple lens of my camera captured moments of what held me.  Over and over again, it was the face of the lamb—

I saw this more than anything else.  I close here as its voice echoes in the distance…’SEE’

Behold the lamb of God—

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