Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 9

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 9

Date: August 30th (Leaving the Lake District)/ Patterdale to Shap

—foot prints ascending
—a strategic climb
—combing alongside sliding edges
—vistas expanding…truly an eternal expanse in ALL directions.

Leaving the Lake District
(England’s Northwest Corner)
a melancholy began to fill me~~~
to walk out, to turn away…”NO.”

First, I whispered your name—
Then, I spoke it aloud—
And, finally I shouted it from
summits~~~ah, soft green grasses
padding the dance floor
allowed steps to take flight.

My voice echoed your name
Your name became like a song
and the melody of YOU
went on and on and on…

It was your name I called…YES, You!
If you are reading this and say—
“It cannot be me, certainly she did not speak my name?”

Ah, I spoke the “NOTE” that IS You~~~
Your song lives in the harmonies of those stretches of endless incarnations…

Who You are for me will live on and on and on…

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