Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day19

Journal/ Coast to Coast—Day 19

Date: September 9th, 2017/ Blakey to Egton BridgeIn my dreams, a prayer had became a Flower.  The walk THIS day was a conscious releasing of petals.  Mindful of ‘everything’ going on in ‘our’ world, I plucked one petal at a time.  I looked back at the trail and saw the way I traveled and realized I would not see it ever again THIS way.  I would not see it tomorrow because this present moment will be a fading memory etched in my center’s chamber…yet, again it will be a memory—not this real encounter.

I lay the petals for others who will step upon this path~~~the petals that have been carried by the wind, I send to the endless lands bereft of storms past and presently approaching.  There were moments THIS day I thought I could smell the sweet scent of the flowers’ perfume.  Twice the flower became a rainbow~~~the colors manifesting themselves like a box of crayons tipped from their container and filling in gaps whose seams opened to a spectrum imbued in a halo of elegance.

The petals held the ground as a patch of dark clouds swirled in.  Like a thief in the night, the sun was dimmed…rain began to fall and then pelts of sleet.  The wind hollowed…cold, wet.  I held the petals in my hand firmly.  My voice rose for those whose worlds have been changed, for those who await the unexpected—‘REMAINING’ in their homes…and the countless numbers removed from their familiar—seeking safety.

The sun broke out…a soft wind ensued.
I released MORE petals…I did not have to NAME what each one was/is any longer.  The petals were yesterday, today and tomorrow.  No matter what is, somethings or actually ALL things come to an end…AND, I trust—the end makes way for new blossomings.

Tomorrow, I write tomorrow because it is the final day luring us to the sea.  What treasures lie upon the shores?  What shall all these steps reveal?  More roads to travel?  Fewer paths to seek?  Who am I, and who are you?

In this moment, I’ll call you God.

I sang You as I walked today.  I believe I have given up fleeing from You because You, God, are always there.  Sometimes I do not believe it and, if my friend were not beside me, you reading this might say, “The higher altitudes have touched her a bit.”   A grouse pursed its head from beneath the faded purple heather AND rambled, CLEARLY, “Hello.”  I looked to my companion, and she to me, as together we heard it again, “Hello.”

Alright, God…
I must admit You cause me to laugh aloud but…I will leave it here—
You have NEVER not been at my side…

One dangling rose on a bush clung to a brick wall before our final stop this night—
Was that You God, leaving your petals whispering, “Goodnight?”

I am in love with the questions…Sweet Dreams!

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