Journal/ Day 10/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022
July 10th

A Bridge, A Lion and A Monastery

First, a bridge whose
history is etched into
its painted wood beams
—stories of a people
who refused to renounce
or bow down to unknown gods
—lives sacrificed.

Second, a wounded Lion.
Massive paws cradle the
shields of lives lost
—the Lion’s sorrows…
its silent roar
still heard in the
sculpted rock


Third, a Benedictine Monastery
founded in these mountains
some 900 years ago.
The sound of the organ’s pipes
pulls Souls ‘into’ the performance.
No one spoke.
Some bowed their heads—the music
allowing them to sway from
side to side.
Deep vibrating notes
–like an invitation from within the bowels of
the earth
—the rumble, the tempo
reaching the top of
the snow-covered peaks.

The final note
elicits applause
—a standing ovation.

The organist humbly rises and nods her head
in gratitude.

Tear-filled eyes—

Peace filled smiles.

No one prouder than her life’s
He approaches
—a shy smile as he says,
‘The Organist, she is my wife!’


A Bridge, a Lion and The Sound of Music

ALIVE in my every prayerful step.


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  1. Lisa Marie Teubel
    Lisa Marie Teubel says:

    Oh my heart be still! I can smell the water under the bridge, and the old wood bridge that still carries a thousand souls at least per day. The stories seem to pour forth from each beam and painting. Then the Lion, the beautiful lion and corresponding true story. I discovered from my Mama that my Grandfather Melchior Donny asked my Grandmother Hedwig (Hedy) to marry him in front of this monument. Tears welled up in my eyes when she told me, as they are now while I write. Oh and the Sound of Music!!! The organ resounding through every cell of my being, and my sister stating, “I could live here”! What joy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      Stories…endless stories! The gift in every encounter!!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU!
      Your words…music to my Soul!!! The organ playing aloud upon my heart strings!
      Savor the ‘joyous’ tears…may they splash your being in wonder and delight!
      They are touching the chords of my life!
      Let the music ‘play’ ON!


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