Journal/ Day 13/Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022
July 13th, 2022

Jungfrau Summit

You stood expectant
waiting for the night’s watchman to
extinguish the last embers that dusk
What was that?  An avalanche?  Your breath?
I saw you, indeed, I did!
Like drawing from a well, you pulled & pulled, yanking an invisible rope,
until alas you splashed the
Moon into a blanket of stars…a church bell announcing the arrival.
The illuminated sphere released itself from you, Jungfrau.  
She cut the umbilical cord.
First she painted your peak with her drizzling stardust. 
Making her wayward path to the west, she rolled across the peaks as if descending a stairway.
I wrapped myself in a quilted comforter, and listened to the moon’s lullaby.
When I opened my eyes, she had passed.  AND you, Jungfrau, you stood
and heard the words, ‘All is well, all is well.!  Thank you’


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