Journal/ Day 5/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022

July 5th

What lies in this unexpected place?
So fitting has been the night
wrapped in a blanket of dreams.
The images, already fading like
the stars, tuck themselves into
dawn’s vast array of colorful petals.

Awaiting your greeting,
I pause here.

Time after endless time,
it is you awaiting my greeting.
Your patience,
Your infinite ability to hold ‘space’
and, it is not a space that is
owned by anyone
—it is a shared,
an always changing spectacle.


Unfolding like flowers, wildflowers
strewn on a mountain’s pathway.
Spectrums of color face a sky
touching what only appears
at a distance.

There is no space keeping anything

The miles that bring me to these
lingering thoughts.

No matter where I am
—life blossoming
—the unknown calling out
to ‘space,’

Here I am,

       Here I am,

                   Here I am,

as I always have been.

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  1. Lisa Marie Teubel
    Lisa Marie Teubel says:

    Sounds like a dream, an absolute fairy tale journey in Switzerland. I love and appreciate your writing, and it’s depth. Thank you for sharing. And the drawing of the homes in the mountains? Timeless.


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