Journal/ Day 6/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022

July 6th
Who moved the mountains?

What pulled the peaks into the
swirl of clouds expanding, hovering,
disguising the rugged silhouettes
until they reappeared and are made new
over and over again?

When, how did the colors spread themselves?
Vibrant green paths, soaring pines,
yellow, purple and orange wildflowers
growing from rocks…Edelweiss
patches of white snowflakes, one atop
another…the depths~~~immeasurable.

Where did the black shadows learn
to spread themselves wider and
wider until the light found gaps,
and the darkness whispered,
‘Welcome, friend.’

Oh, mystical mountains, I see ‘forms’ on
I gaze upon contours, your unique
limbs, outstretched arms, soft
breasts, broad shoulders.

Mid-wife, is that you here laughing
at my wild imagination?
Yes, I see you in the formation
of an expectant girl—
A growing awareness
ALL around the birth of a new

I began with a question,
Who moved the mountains?

The answer is not necessary.
There is a realization that they are moving
around me, through me and
within me.

We have the ability to move mountains,
Don’t we?

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