Journal/ Day 7/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022

July 7th

May I have this dance?

Presenting itself,
well past the mid-night hour,
a ballroom became visible.

I held my position,
and observed hundreds, thousands,
no, millions of descendants.
Stars glistened in the Universe
joining hands from their
illuminated orbit.

The deep ensuing silence was the music
to which they danced.
More and more spectrums of light
joined in the cosmic dance.

Beginning to sway,
I reached.
My soles hovered momentarily
until I thought to myself,
‘this cannot be happening.’

Again, there I go…thinking again.
Silly human, am I.

A mystical light fanned the stage
allowing a quick glance
of the steepled mountains.

I did not wish to close my eyes,
but at some point,
the stardust spilled from the ballroom floor
painting my eyes closed.

Was this a dream?

A songbird begins
a morning serenade.

Opening my eyes,
My feet touch the ground.
I look.
A solitary star lingers in this
new morning
asking, ‘may I have this dance?’


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